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CSFA is actively working with SAFER grant funding to enhance the recruiting and retention efforts for the California fire service.

In the Fall of 2018 CSFA was awarded their 5th statewide SAFER grant. This 4-year grant award will provide live fire training courses and Recruitment and Retention Workshops to volunteer firefighters throughout California. There is no cost for these courses. Departments will need to enroll their volunteers and get them to and from the event.

Live Fire Training

Sixteen (four per year) 2-day live fire training courses geared towards the specifications for Fire Control 3 certification will take place across California. Burn buildings and trailers will be rented and facilitated by experienced instructors in locations that will provide convenience for participation.

The only equipment needed for these training events is individual PPE and SCBA gear. All apparatus, water, air re-fill station, and required apparatus will be coordinated by CSFA and the host departments. If there is more than 1 volunteer attending from your department we request that you bring qualified personnel to act as your trainer inside the live fire trailer; it is not the duty of the live fire trailer operators to guide you through the training.

Recruitment and Retention Workshops will be held across the state and will be FREE to participants including travel and per diem. The R&R Workshops will cover management skills including collecting and reviewing volunteer applications, improving interviewing techniques, evaluating prospects, describing expectations, and motivating the new volunteer firefighter. Retention techniques by anticipating retention challenges, creating a cohesive environment, and rewarding performance with incentives. The program will also help participants with implementing a local volunteer recruiting campaign.

Fire service and community leaders are encouraged to attend this R&R Workshop. There is NO COST to attend the workshop; travel, 2 nights lodging, and per diem for attendees will be reimbursed upon completion of the workshop. The R&R workshop is designed to facilitate open discussion about the local Volunteer Firefighter retention and recruitment issues.

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